Why join GHS?

In an industry dominated by large international hotel chains, how does an independent hotel brand compete? By joining GHS your hotel is a valued partner in our hotel network, leading you directly to targeted global travel audiences you might not have been able to reach before. We guide your property to get the best out of our expertise and services, leveraging our relationships, knowledge and experience to increase occupancy and global brand awareness.

It can be challenging for an individual hotel to build and maintain relationships with a multitude of travel managers, procurement managers, meetings and incentives bookers and leisure operators. GHS works as an extension of your brand through our global sales presence in all major markets and key locations, driving revenue growth, business opportunities and brand awareness.

The main benefits:


GHS assists with your brand being distributed and represented to an international audience. Your global reach will increase through our virtual and in person meetings and relationships with global corporate managers, key TMC’s, corporate meeting and event planners and key leisure operators and agents.


Our Directors of Sales take the time to understand your business specific needs and challenges to craft sales and marketing solutions that work especially for your hotel. We then measure key profit metrics, analyse the data and refine the solutions to keep driving growth.


Our team is well-versed in identifying marketing and partnership opportunities. We organise virtual and in person corporate, leisure and MICE roadshows and target various industry partnerships on behalf of the hotels we represent.


We stay ahead of your competition by exploring opportunities in markets that you may not have yet penetrated or are too time consuming and expensive to target. GHS look ahead at our ever-changing marketplace and future hospitality trends, ensuring your hotel and our work is ahead of the competition.


GHS offers a state-of-the-art CRM solution. Optimiser is the ‘Power of One’ platform and a unique solution featuring a customer management and sales tool, marketing automation, an expense management software, data storage and a HR system – all combined in a single platform. The platform was created to save organisations time, money and resources and to improve their profitability, efficiency, decision making process and reporting.