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In partnering with us, you in turn also benefit
from the wonderful organisations we partner with:

Why join GHS?

In an industry dominated by large, mostly international hotel chains, how does an independent hotel brand compete with the marketing muscle of these leading organisations? With GHS, our participating hotels are part of a collective benefitting from our global marketing strategy leading them directly to targeted global travel audiences that they might not have been able to reach before.

You keep it personal; we take it global. We don’t want to overpower or shadow your brand or contradict your local marketing activities. Rather, GHS enhances your brand with our worldwide reach, industry knowledge and global accounts.

Travellers appreciate the variety of experience, friendly service and bespoke character found at independent hotels. But with limited resources and budget, it can be challenging for hotels to build and maintain relationships with a multitude of travel managers, procurement managers, meetings and incentives bookers and leisure operators. That’s why GHS provides the platform, services and tools to work on your behalf worldwide, delivering ROI and increasing awareness.

There’s five main areas of GHS support:

Your Global Footprint

Our experienced team has a sales presence in all major markets and locations so you can rest assured that your brand will be represented at all key industry events. In addition, you benefit from our large and ever-growing digital presence.

Revenue and Growth

Our Directors of Sales take the time to understand your business specific needs and challenges to craft sales and marketing solutions that work especially for you. We then measure key profit metrics, analyse the data and refine the solutions to keep driving growth.

Partnerships and Representation

Our team is well-versed in identifying marketing and partnership opportunities. We organise corporate, leisure and MICE roadshows in all major cities and target various industry partnerships on behalf of the hotels we represent.

New Growth Opportunities

We stay ahead of your competition by exploring opportunities in markets that you may not have yet penetrated or are too time consuming and expensive to target.

Accountability and Transparency

We adopt a collaborative and transparent approach. Accountablity is at the core of our value offering and after we have agreed on targets with you, we work hard to ensure that resources are used efficiently and strategically to meet the targets.