In a post-COVID-19 environment, it is important more than ever to explore partnerships with technology providers that can meet the demanding needs of the hospitality industry.

At GHS, we are continuously researching and analysing the functionalities of various technology solutions which can assist our Hotel Partners to reach new markets, improve efficiencies, save costs and increase revenue.


Optimiser – a powerful cloud-based CRM tool that combines multiple systems into one to help businesses streamline their processes, improve efficiency and increase revenue. The platform can be tailor-made depending on the specific requirements of each organisation to achieve its goals, affordable for all business sizes.

  • Customer data management
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Client engagement and communication
  • Project and task management
  • Higher conversion of leads


Sabre Hospitality Solutions is the leading distribution, technology and digital marketing solutions provider for the hospitality industry, serving more than 40,000 hotels, resorts, and chains spanning 160 countries, offering a broad range of solutions and services, including:

  • GDS/IDS distribution
  • GDS Media
  • Sabre Hotel Spotlight
  • SynXis Central Reservations
  • SynXis Booking Engine
  • Channel Connect – hotels can extend their reach beyond basic rates – OTA integration and mapping features with intelligent connections to over 450 global and regional OTAs
  • OTASTREAM – live connection to OTAs to automatically sync new or updated room, rates and products
  • Sabre Consortia services
  • 2-way PMS integration


A leader in content management and distribution, including digital still images (photos), virtual tour images, video and other rich visual media and related textual captions, descriptions, categories and other metadata, Leonardo can distribute media to a wide network of demand partners - travel and travel-related websites, travel intermediaries and other electronic distribution channels (including the GDS). With Leonardo, hotels can:

  • Centralise their Media - Centralise the sourcing, management and distribution of hotel media in a single, brand-controlled system.
  • Save on Costs and Time - Reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple systems and repositories and automating manual tasks.
  • Drive More Bookings - High-quality hotel images are proven to improve engagement and increase hotel bookings.
  • Reach Travel Shoppers - Reach millions of travellers with hotel images on travel websites, GDSs, major OTAs, corporate channels and more.
  • Easily Share Media - Share brand approved visual media with publishers, agencies and internal teams via controlled access to a media library.
  • Create Better Experience - Share images, virtual tours, videos and room-specific media that help people have better experiences with your hotels.

Booking Clap

Bookingclap is a new and exciting Online Hotel Community (OHC) platform. It is an initiative created for hotels to Get Together, Work Together and Benefit Together to take back full control of their inventory and sell their bedrooms, event spaces, and workspaces on one platform at the lowest cost.

  • Bookingclap could add value to hotels, venues and their clients for several reasons:
  • No joining fees
  • Very low cost of sale - 5% commission only
  • Sharing of guest details
  • No rate parity enforced
  • No brand keyword bidding
  • Automated guest vouchers encouraging incremental spend at the hotel
  • Corporate referrals – additional revenue for hotels