With Sustainability being on top of the agenda for most organisations and travel buyers, it is important for hospitality businesses to consider the social, human, economic and environmental aspect of their operations and long-term strategies and make decisions which benefit the society and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

To support hotels with their ESG strategies, GHS has partnered with companies who invest in people and planet to meet an essential set of criteria to be qualified as “Sustainable suppliers”.

The products and services they offer provide environmental, social and economic benefit while protecting the community and environment.


Beyond Bamboo has been created in response to the need for consumers and businesses to make a difference to the world and ensure they act responsibly. They have created a robust and bespoke accreditation in partnership with Ethical Consumer based on the Beyond Bamboo four pillars of Planet-People-Projects-Progression, which are in the company's DNA.

  • Pilar 1 - Planet - Ensuring Environments and habitats can flourish - Protecting our planet and every creature inhabiting it by ensuring that every effort has been taken to ensure that products do not harm our environment.
  • Pilar 2 - Creating prosperous supply chains - A company ethos that supports and nourishes its people throughout the supply chain, ensuring that life is fair and worthwhile for every human being involved.
  • Pilar 3 - Projects - Supporting causes that create healthy communities - Investing in our communities by supporting causes or creating projects that enable the world to go beyond survival and thrive.
  • Pilar 4 - Progression - Innovating a prosperous future for everyone - Planning innovations, products and practices for a future that goes beyond sustaining and reimagining a future that restores, creates and cares.


In recognition of the continuous commitment of luxury brands to create a positive impact on the world, Positive Luxury has established the Butterfly Mark, a stamp awarded to businesses evaluated across three key areas - governance, social and environmental frameworks, community and innovation. Creating a positive impact on our world.

To earn the stamp, businesses have to go through a comprehensive assessment process reviewed and approved by Positive Luxury's Sustainability Council, industry experts and institutional partners. When a brand passes the assessment process, it receives the Butterfly Mark, which visibly authenticates luxury brands that contribute to a better world.


The Tiyati innovative 3 in 1 nourishing bar - shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for all types of hair and skin - uses natural ingredients and boasts strong conditioning properties combined with elements to deeply moisturise, firm, soothe and regenerate hair and skin. Hotels can make a positive difference - save on plastics and packaging of traditional guest amenities, and guests can feel the benefits of nature’s exquisite properties in no time. They can continue to enjoy the product at home as it is easy to take away in a biodegradable bag, meaning zero waste for the hotel.