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Cookie FAQ

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is an encrypted text file, which a web server places onto your browser when you visit a website. Cookies are not computer programme and they cannot read the information saved on your hard drive. We use them to make the interaction between users and website faster and easier. These cookies allow us to:

  • Check how our customers use this website and offer them best possible services
  • Determine the number of users visiting our website and keep it running fast and efficiently
  • Track items added to the cart and make sure that you do not have to add again at the check out
  • Give secure and safe services for online transactions

We use cookies as a constructive tool to verify the identity of users.

Types of Cookies

Following are different types of cookies that we use for effective performance of the website:

Session Cookies –Session Cookies are temporary text files that expire when you close the browser. They are ideal medium to link your actions on the site to our data system.

Persistent Cookies – These cookies enable us to remember your actions and preferences across the site and give you relevant information in the future. They also allow us to collect information, track actions across various browser sessions, and make advertising more relevant to you.

First Party Cookies – GHS handles these cookies, therefore no other website can read or access information from them.

Third Party Cookies – We provide separate permission to these cookies to record certain actions that you take on our website.

What Cookies Do We Use?

Functional Cookies – We use functional cookies to check working of certain important features like check out, cart, and custom content. They also help us in:

  • Remembering things you have ordered in the shopping cart
  • Finding out who is logged in when we make corporate bookings and cancel or amend bookings
  • Remembering search options including dates, number of rooms, and occupancy so that there is no need for you to enter them for every search

Cookie List

  • ASP.NET_SessionId

Analytical Cookies – Analytical cookies are necessary for measuring site performance like number of errors, number of purchases, and number of visitors. They also allow us to:

  • Classify and recreate errors occurring on the site
  • Collect anonymous statistics on the working of the website

Controlling Cookies Altering the cookies is an easy process, which usually differs between browsers. Here is how to access your cookie setting in various browsers.

Deleting Cookies The process to delete cookies is simple and usually differs between browsers. For detailed information about cookies, please visit